Refrigerated transport

MIKOL’s core business activity is the refrigerated road transport carried out using own fleet in the EU and Norway in accordance with the applicable regulations and the necessary licences, on the basis of direct contracts with contractors.

Highly modernized fleet of 2 and 3-axle DAF tractor units with mono and multi temperature refrigerators in doppel stock system and non-standard flower size, supported by GPS systems - provides a comprehensive solution for the most demanding customers.

All our vehicles meet stringent emissions standards euro 5 and euro 6, thereby contributing to implementation of the assumptions of a modern management system in terms of the environmental aspect, which has become, as the transport industry develops, an indispensable requirement that should be met in order to enter the centres of European cities and some industrial parks.

Thanks to our qualified staff we are able to select, in the fastest possible way, an optimum vehicle for a transport service provided in accordance with modern “Just in Time” management methods.

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