Quick and efficient ongoing repairs

MIKOL offers a wide range of repair services. The company has a reputation and recognition in the market thanks to the efficient and timely execution of orders.

A team of qualified mechanics ensures a high standard of service by using high-quality spare parts. We have a professionally equipped workshop for comprehensive truck repairs. The company adjusts the working hours of the workshop and its services to the Customer’s needs and constantly increases their scope.

Our offer includes professional repairs, renovations and ongoing maintenance of heavy goods vehicles:

  • pneumatics
  • welding, painting, bodywork services
  • electrical system repair
  • tyre service
  • semi-trailer repair and maintenance
  • sandblasting
  • air conditioning

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Cezary Mikołajczyk+48 502 340 703

Tomasz Kosior+48 502 340 904

We invite you to use our services.


Contact us

Potęgowo, ul. Kościuszki 2b
tel. +48 59 727 80 41 fax +48 59 727 80 42